Free October 2018 Printable Calendar Templates

October is the tenth month of the year In Calendar with the numbers of 31 days.Its is  The eighth month in the old Roman calendar, October is commonly associated with the season of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and with spring in the Southern hemisphere.

October 2018 Calendar

October 2018 Calendar Printable

Printable calendar is the best soft forms of the calendar which you can have for your work and for settlement of schedule for the entire month. You can have many kinds of calendars given below such as calendar with notes, calendar with dates, a calendar for kids’ blank calendar, and many more.

All you need to just print a Calendar and keep it on place of your use. There are varieties of calenders which helps you to fill your demand for a attractive calendar. Each calendar is designed for a particular purpose. Not all are same but all are same. its just way how you use it how you look at the calendar. You can you calender by printing it or by keeping it in your mobile tablet desktop leptop etc.

October 2018 Printable Calendar

What all you can do with is that just print a printable calendar and paste it on hard box and keep it on your desk or hang it on your wall. You can do it at once for all the months of year or you will have to do it every month for each coming month in the years.

October 2018 Calendar Printable

There are many ways in which you can use these printable calendars which involves

  • Print a color copy of calendar of your choice and size and paste it on hard box and keep it.
  • Save it as images and set it as wallpaper in your desktop, laptop,mobile and tablet screen so that its always before you.
  • Print this on normal A4 sheet and keep it in front of your wall where your work or hang it on the front side of yourself where you sit in cabin.

October 2018 Calendar Printable

Some people are bad at remember the dates and days and they cannot carry calandar in hand all the time so this may prove to be blessing for them can they have the printable calendar for their use. You can print it on the small size of paper and same can be kept in your handbag or wallet in case when you can not keep it in your mobile and other gadgets.

October 2018 Calendar Printable

A old saying goes like “Change is the law of nature and who does not change fade way” in earlier times people use to calendar and hang it on the wall and then forget about it but a printable calendar is the demand of new generation where they don’t need to buy it from the market. They can easily google it by typing keyword and then they have large number of attractive calendar in varieties which serves their purpose and need.

People try to develop new things time to time to fill their new demand which the passage of time and printable calendar is the result of same.  When people felt that the need something which can remind them their work, goals, plans dreams, dates days, so they tried so find the solution for this and printable calendar is the ultimate solution for this problems. They can easily keep the printable calendar for their use and this definitely going to help you for all the purposes and needs easy printing. If you want to get the best piece of this calendar so you are suggested to print it on  8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. We provide them as downloadable .pdf files that can be printed on almost any printer. Please share them with your friends, co-workers and students.

October 2018 Blank Calendar

Printing a calendar should be simple and less complicated which should be just a click away from users reach. You can print on any size of paper whichever you find best. You can choose between portrait and landscape by simply changing your print settings. You may option to download one of available PDF Calendar and choose to print as per your choice.

October 2018 Blank Calendar

Maybe you prefer Excel? You can download Excel templates.

October 2018 Calendar Excel

You can make changes in calendar in your style which you like? Do you want to have the entire year in front of you? Yeah, We’ve got yearly calendars. Two months per page? We’ve got that too. A section for notes? Got it.

Advantages of Printable calendar given below.

  • You don’t need to spend extra money for a calendar as you can download it from the internet easily.
  • You don’t need to carry a hard copy of calendar all the time to remember days and dates. You can download and save it in your devices.
  • Printable calendar are easy to print you give design it in your ways and use it in your own style.


October 2018 Calendar with Holidays

Holidays are the nicest thing that you can have in the month and its more beautiful when its on first day of the month. People wait eagerly for holiday. Holidays are important for working men and women. Holiday is the only time when people have rest and spend time with friends and family. Whenever you see calendar for any month. Holiday is the period when one can spare time for ones loved ones like for mother, wife, parents, grandparents etc. you can well plan for it only when you know that when is holiday going to fall in the month? And this holiday printable calendar surely helps you in planning this.You find the holidays and Sunday that you are going to have in the money.

October 2018 Blank Calendar

People make lots of plans to be done on holidays such as movie, picnic etc. Apart from Sunday`s Holiday, there are many more holidays that you have in October.In this calendar, we have highlighted all the holidays which you are going to get so that you can get all the holiday at a glance within few seconds and this will also help you to mark and differentiate it from other days.

Highlighting holidays in this calendar will help user to set their plans for holidays and they don’t need to stress so much for finding holidays in October month.

October 2018 Calendar Word

Lets Make it Bit easier for you, we have designed October 2018 Printable Calendar in the Excel format or .xls format. If you are PC addicted and you use it daily for long hours that definitely this calendar is going to be blessing for you and its indeed made for you. You can use it in your Tablet, Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and any another gadget so get benefit from it. Some people do not have sufficient time to see the hard copy calendar hanged on the wall of room or office. Printable calendar is a better option for them for are in touch with their gadgets as they can use it better than the hard one.

October 2018 Calendar

If you are already aware of it. Then you are not going to face any difficulty in using it. On the other hand, if you are new to it then you made need little bit help to understand how it it used and once you learn to use you will be surprised to see its benefits. The details instruction has been given below about using it. This web page allows you to define a calendar page (as in “page of a wall calendar”) and then print it. You can then use your browser to print it (useful, of course, for reminding yourself of appointments, things to do, etc.).

October 2018 Calendar PDF

First of all you need to download this calendar in the Excel format from the link given above and then click on the file to open that you have downloaded from here after that you will get the excel sheet in same way you use for your normal work like you use other excel sheet for normal and daily workings. But the best thing you see here is you can customize and draw your working graph as per for comfortability and according to the schedule that you have Planned for you for the all days of month. Let me tell you One more surprising thing is you don’t need any extra space for the calendars because in the excel sheet you are already having enough numbers of cell and rows which may be sufficient to perform your work. Eventually. My purpose is evident here that your work will become easy if you will use the Excel format printable calendar.

October 2018 Calendar with Notes

October 2018 Blank Calendar

Word and PDF files are the relatives of each other. These both formats are most common formats of files which you use in your daily routine work. I believe it is much friendlier than any other document like Excel or else.

Word documents are easy to use and give enough work space. I will personally recommend you to use this if you are in search of a Month calendar. The major advantage of using word document is you can easily edit your scheduled plan and its seriously convenient. When its come to print this so you don’t need to bother so much. You just need to set margin and press CTRL + P and press ENTER. Here you have your monthly calendar in word format of PDF format you want. Both format can be carried in mobile computer and Tablet etc. you can easily mail it or send it via various messenger application in case you want to give it to your friends, colleagues or any other.

October 2018 Calendar for Kids/Students

In word calendar, you can write your plans and work on the day when its to be done so that you can get reminder and may not forget it. That’s so easy and amazing when it comes to actual use. You can make a icon on the desktop so that it will be always in front of you on your screen. Whenever you have to see that what task do you have to do you just need to click on the icon and it will show all the goals ans plans to you. That’s so simple and fantastic.

October 2018 Calendar with Dates

Getting confused???. Well let me make it clear to you. There is something new and innovative which you may have not seen earlier. You can easily customize this calendar in manner you want. You just need to find out the day first of the month and then you can write dates on your own in small size in box given and you can write your plans and work in box as you want. This calendar is for you only and you can design it in your style. What you can do is with this calendar writing dates daily at morning, so your daily morning daily task is to write dates on this calendar.

October 2018 Calendar Printable

It will also help you to remember dates and days in proper manner. Blanks calendar is something unique and different which you can have. People around you will be amazed and puzzled when they will see such kinda of a calendar with you and I am damn sure they are going to take it from you for their use. Today everybody wants be have something which is unique and not possessed by everyone. Blank calendar is one of these things. You can draw a large “L” indicating leave in case when you get a holiday to fun and rest. Ultimately, the purpose of this calendar is to give you something which is your only and no other can use it. That’s all yours only yours.

As you are aware of fact the October is the 10th month of the year and its heading to end. So many wishes and work have not completed yet and still so many things are pending to be done. There is no need to worry. You just have to prepare a list of work which is to be done and for this purpose. we have provided an amazing calendar for you that will help you remind and finish all the things on time. Here we have a calendar with notes where you can write the things major things and event which you have not performed yet or you have plan to do in future.

You can write all your plans in point in order of their priority to perform. I would like to give a suggestion that hang this calendar on wall which is in front of your bed so that whenever you get up in morning you look at your goals and plans you mentioned so that you may not forget and time to time motivate yourself to perform and complete it by deadline. This calendar will force you towards your goals and plan to achieve by reminding you again and again.

You can write like

  1. Yearly hangout with friend which falls in October.
  2. Daily dairy writing.
  3. Meeting with old friend at end of month.

You may have many more things to write and calendar with notes is like you have got your monthly dairy and you can write your month work points.

This calendar is most common and decent calendar which you need to fill your simple and formal purpose of calender. This calendar is the simplest and easiest form among all the calnder. This is made for the one who avoids complex and sophisticated calender. This is simply made with dates and days in usual manner for regular use. This does not contain highlighting dates holidays etc. you can mark your holidays important days as you need. This calender is genuine  and prepared to fulfill the needs normal user who has low demand from his calender.

Everyday is an opportunity so do something new and its like gift which life gives you. This calendar talks with you and tell you daily that you have been given another opportunity to do your pending work and to work for your dreams and goals. A proverb goes like “ simplicity is the best thing one can have”  this suits to this calendar. Its printable and you have to just print and keep it your working table and wall where you can see it. This does not have so much attractive and other things. This is gentle and natural but definitely fulfilling your purpose.

Some people are regular user of calendar who see dates daily who are bad at remembering dates while some use less frequently. If you take my opinion then you should daily visit the calendar so that you can know how many days are left of the month for your achievement of goals and plans. This will boost you to work towards your dreams with more energy and power and speed when you see that you have few days and you have so much to do which you have to finish by the end of month and you can not carry forward for the next month. Calendar gives us motivation and forces us to move and keep on towards our work and keep on reminding us that we have so much to do. This helps us to keep us busy with the work and schedules plans.


I personally believe that PDF files are best formats of files which we can have in our digital life. PDF files are easy and user friendly and its not easy to edit PDF so not other one can edit it easily without our consent. PDF files can be sent to anyone easily and easy to print. Your can use PDF calendar in your mobile computer tablet etc. you can easily and freely uploaded it on internet and download it from internet and use it in any manner you want. PDF files are also feature of setting password so you can also set your password for PDF files and make it password protected in order to keep it confidential and secret from others. PDF files are better than excel and words formats of calender. PDF is supported by all the devices now days so you can have a calendar on the front of your mobile and you are just a single touch away from the calendar whenever you need it.

PDF calendar is can be open in any browser. Don’t worry if you don’t have PDF software in your computer. You just need to click on PDF calendar and this will be open automatically in browser when you use it in computer.


October 2018 Blank Calendar

In country like India kids are treated as another form of god. Kids are the cutest which are on which earth. Parents are the first teacher of kids and they time to time teach all the important things which are necessary for better brining up for child. A kid must be knowing about days and dates so that from the initial stage he can learn to make plans and do well for future. Parents need to teacher their kids about the use and importance of the calendar. They should tell their kid that how calendar is useful for day to day life. A printable calendar is an important tool for them and they can take help of printable calendar for such teaching.